What are we building and why?

A new girls’ trauma management centre to be built adjacent to the boys’ refuge that already exists on site. The idea is to expand the rehabilitation services that support Chora Chori’s rescue operations in India as well as to offer a residential space for twelve girls.

Distressingly, many of the children Chora Chori save have spent time on the streets where they are abused and forced into child labour. Following the return of the children to Nepal they require special attention before they can be returned to their families or placed in further care. The centre has been designed to provide specialist support and counselling for the children as they adjust to life back in Nepal.


Key Features



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Earthquake Resistant

Solar Power Water Heating

Art Therapy Room

Sensory Room

Group Counselling Room

One-On-One Counselling Room

Vegetable Garden & Orchard


At Chora Chori Nepal’s site in Godawari on the outskirts of Kathmandu. Situated meters from Kitini Higher Secondary School where the children will attend during their time with the charity.


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